Russian laundry operators excited by the exclusive mattress washing system

A3S has welcomed in Turin a group of Russian companies, either dealers and industrial laundries, to present the extraordinary washing and drying system for mattresses.
The event has been organized in collaboration with ACIMIT (Italian Association of Textile Machines Manufacturers) and the Italian Institute for Export Trade ICE.
The meeting was held in LIM laundry of Caselle (Turin), where since 5 years is operational the complete mattress washing and drying system. With a continuous running process, the laundry treats mattresses coming from the major hospitals and clinics of Turin and the surrounding areas.
The visitors have shown to be highly interested in the SCIROCCO radiofrequency dryer, that A3S has recently introduced in the product range. Several years of research and development on the drying process have matched the standards, being now able to reduce the complete process of washing and drying of mattresses down to 2 hours with residual humidity = 0% for a set of 8/10 mattresses.

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